Succeeding in College with Liberal Arts

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Taught by: Usman Siddiqui

This course includes an extensive study of practical methods to survive the college life hurdles and challenges.


Class Experience

In this course, students will learn about the value of the liberal arts and receive practical advice for getting the most out of require courses in the first year of college, regardless of what their major might be. The class will be interactive, and students will have opportunities to ask questions and discuss. Designed for college-bound high-schoolers. The discussion will be especially useful for juniors and seniors, but it will also benefit freshmen and sophomores because of the focus on the purpose and goals of a liberal arts education. No prior experience or homework required.

1. Introduction
2. What are the liberal arts for?
3. How do different schools approach the liberal arts differently?
4. Practical tips (for all majors)
5. Discussion

Learning Goals

Students will gain: practical tips for applying liberal arts to their chosen fields of study, and confidence in understanding the role of the liberal arts college. This will be useful for their first year in college, and for comparing colleges to one another when applying.

Teacher Experience

I hold advanced degrees in liberal arts disciplines (history, literature, philosophy), and have taught liberal arts courses to college freshmen for over a decade. I also advise and mentor college freshmen, beginning the summer before they start college, in curricular and co-curricular matters. I received a certificate from New York University Graduate School of Arts and Science in Teaching and Learning.

TimeĀ Commitment

4 hours per week in class, and maybe some time outside of class.

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15-17 years


Liberal Arts


2 weeks


2x per week

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