The Knowledge of Business Essentials


Taught by: Katina Kavadas

In this course, students will learn and develop the following skills: Economic Basics and Social Responsibility of Business.



Learning Goals
Students will learn how to start and run a successful business.
A little about the teacher:
Taught by: Katina Kavadas
As a serial entrepreneur who founded three successful companies before the age of 30, my drive to succeed in life began in my teens when I realized the power of positive motivation. I was lucky enough to have a good mentor who guided me through the intricacies of financial management which helped me to understand the value of money, how to identify and seize opportunities to make money and how to manage an investment portfolio.


Complete a basic business plan

Supply List

Notepad and pen to take notes and jot down ideas

External Resources

Learners will not need to use any apps or websites beyond the standard Village Square tools.

Time Commitment

2 hours per week in class, and an estimated 0 – 1 hours per week outside of class.

Additional information


15-17 years




3 weeks


1x per week

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