The Theory of Art and Color


Taught by: Whole ‘N Happy

In this art course we will discuss the psychology behind color and how it applies to drawing, painting, color schemes, history and marketing. Students will fill in a coloring page of their choice using this knowledge.


Class Experience

Students will learn the basics of color theory in a fun, activity-based class. First, we will draw a rainbow together to review the key colors we will be using. Then we will learn how to draw a color wheel and discuss what we can learn from it. We will explore primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, analogous colors, complementary colors, warm vs cool colors, and more! We will actively color together throughout the class as we discuss the meaning of these terms. At the end of class, we will discuss together how we can use what we learned in our future drawings and art projects! (please feel free to suggest a time that fits your schedule)

A little about the teacher

Taught by: Whole ‘N Happy

New York-based Fashion Designer for over 13 years
Adjunct Professor of Fashion Studies
Graduated summa cum laude from Philadelphia University with a BS in Fashion Design
Professional experience in Art, Design, Merchandising, Sales, Production, and Marketing

Supply List

5-10 pages of white loose-leaf paper (or blank sketchbook). Crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Time Commitment

60 minutes per class 3 times a week, and maybe some time outside of class.

Additional information


12-14 years


Arts and design


4 weeks


3x per week

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