Hello! We are the Whole n’ Happy – an Organization created to teach kids the life skills and social-emotional practices that will empower them to feel calm, confident, and emotionally resilient.

This Organization was created by Kelsey Beth Paul, who previously has taught in classrooms around the World, and on Outschool for almost two years.

We believe that one of the most important skills kids can learn while growing up is HOW to pay attention: how to pay attention to their own thoughts, feelings, and actions (and of course, to the present moment).

We believe that when kids learn and acquire social-emotional skills, like gratitude, empathy, self-worth, and emotional resilience, they understand themselves better and are able to overcome any struggles they may encounter.

Currently, our courses and classes include:
-Interactive Mindfulness Courses for kids and teens
-Social-Emotional Practices
-Self-Care for Tweens: Connecting Mind, Body, and Heart
-Emotional Intelligence
-Book clubs created around life skills