Village Square Story

Village Square is an online marketplace that hosts live, multi-disciplinary, small group classes for children by expert educators from around the world. As a team, we aim to redefine learning by creating access to opportunities that respond to each child’s voice and choice.

Live, online short courses
Make connections with students globally and learn what you want.

Small learning groups
Join with a small group to share ideas and learn from each other.

Learn with experts
Experienced and passionate educators teaching what they love.

Design your own timetable
Choose when and what you learn from 100's of courses.

Safe and controlled learning environment
Verified educators and high online safety standards.

Affordable learning
Pick and choose courses that match your budget.

Letter from our founder

Village Square was born over the summer during a particularly trying time for those of us in education. Covid school closures, layoffs, and the messy pivot to teaching online  made it apparent to both me and my co-founder, Hamza, that people needed a robust solution that would help fill the gap in online learning…and they needed it quickly.  

The gap itself was painfully felt by us both. As founders of an independent school called Edopia, we saw first-hand the effects of covid-19 on our community. For the past six years, both of us have worked side-by-side to give children an alternative — a school that was rooted in the principles of democracy, giving children a voice and allowing them choice. 

Armed with a lot of time (thanks to school closures), we set out on the journey to map out the values of our ideal learning community and what that would look like if we were to take it online. Hamza, who helps balance my idealism and paves the way for implementing our shared vision, was the driving force behind what would come next:

What if we didn’t just do this for the children and teachers at our school, but for every struggling homeschooler and teacher? What if we shared our methodology and opened up our platform to the rest of the world? 

What we came up with was Village Square, a robust learning platform that revolved around each child’s individual choice and innate curiosity; where children feel respected, empowered, and in control of their learning. Village Square is where teachers could economically enable themselves by leveraging their teaching skills and passion for it, while having the freedom to design their courses and set their schedules, untethered to curriculum and targets. 

In short, no more disengaged learning. No more standardized curriculum. No more bureaucracy. No more lack of autonomy. 

Yes to flexibility, and yes to variety, diversity, and most of all, the freedom to decide where, when and how. 

Today, Village Square offers you the opportunity to take a class based on your interests, or teach a class based on your expertise and strengths. Whatever you decide, my team and I are here for you. While Hamza and I may not get it right initially, we will listen to you and get it right eventually. Our continued success will come from our commitment to supporting our community, and the strength of a platform that we are working hard to build. 

Here is to children remaining curious, and learning that is done with both passion and ease! 

Jaweria Sethi  

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