Welcome to the Village!

Come and join us in our virtual marketplace where students and educators meet from all over the world to share a love of learning. Here, we challenge the traditions of education and build a new world together, where students can choose what, how and when they learn, and educators teach what they love.

We can’t wait for you to join us!

What We Are Offering!

Live, online short courses
Make connections with students globally and learn what you want.

Small learning groups
Join with a small group to share ideas and learn from each other.

Learn with experts
Experienced and passionate educators teaching what they love.

Design your own timetable
Choose when and what you learn from 100's of courses.

Safe and controlled learning environment
Verified educators and high online safety standards.

Affordable learning
Pick and choose courses that match your budget.

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A few frequently asked questions

We are sure you have a lot of questions because you are about to take charge of your learning.

Village Square courses are developed and delivered by expert educators on a wide range of subjects. Categories include: Arts, music, writing and literature, languages, coding, gaming. life skills, health and wellness, science and environment, maths and society. Most of the courses on Village Square feature multiple lessons, with at least one lesson per week. There are, however, some single-day courses available.  The portal is organised to make it easy to find courses. You can search by subject headings, most popular courses, when a course will be offered or keywords eg. “minecraft” or “dinosaurs”. You can also save courses to “favourites” for later.

The prices of the courses will vary based on the duration and the skill level of the course. Students will have the flexibility to design their own course mix based on their interest.

Not at all! Village Square courses are for any children aged 7-16 with an interest in learning and who enjoy the chance to work with other students and educators from around the world in a real-time learning environment.  Although the courses are popular amongst homeschoolers, they are also ideal for students who are contemplating leaving school in favour of an alternative learning experience, as well as school students who enjoy learning independently in their spare time.

Village Square educators earn 70% of the pooled revenue, based on the number of teaching hours and the number of students in a given course. Depending on the course then, it may be anywhere from $25 to $70+ per hour.

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